Go Games

Playing the follwing games may help your child with their next hearing test, if they are over 2 years of age.

If you have 'stacking rings' at home (or something similar) - try getting your child to hold a ring in their hand, then on your 'GO' command, they are allowed to put the ring on the stack.

Use the following instructions:
1. Tell your child to hold the ring
2. Say 'Listen'
3. Say 'Wait'
4. Say 'Go!'

You are not testing your child's hearing, so you do not need to alter the level of your voice. You are simply teaching your child a game that we can adapt in clinic to test his/her hearing.

Alternatively, you could use building bricks and an empty box.

Use the instructions:
1. Hold the brick
2. Listen
3. Wait
4. 'Go' – this time on the 'go' command, your child needs to throw the brick in the box

Download the 'Go Games' leaflet